Winnipeg Hockey Talk Podcast 081: Jan. 7, 2019

The Winnipeg Jets are 26-13-2 after 41 games –

WHT Editor Mitch Kasprick and co-host Darryl Manchulenko discuss the Winnipeg Jets last three games, the Nikolaj Ehlers injury, line combinations, the WJHC, and Twitter assholes, plus more.

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Mitch and Darryl will be back weekly to talk about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the NHL.

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  1. patti dawn swansson says

    Hi Mitch…so tell us what you really think about social media. Wow. You turned the air blue.
    If you’re looking for topic ideas for your podcast, how about you and Darryl discussing the boys on the Jets beat at the two Winnipeg newspapers and how they do their jobs? Might make for an interesting chin-wag.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Interesting …. the only problem with that is I haven’t read either paper since Jets 2.0 returned and I’m not sure about Darryl. I did read Scott’s stuff while he was doing his weekly gig though.

  2. patti dawn swansson says

    Really? You don’t read the two rags? Thought for sure you did. Frankly, you aren’t missing much. The Sun has zero local content other than the Jets, Bombers and Goldeyes. The Freep is boring.

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