Winnipeg Jets Mid-Term Report Card: Forwards

Winnipeg Jets grades for the forwards – 

As usual in any hockey season, any given NHL roster is going to have its surprises and it’s disappointments.  The Winnipeg Jets are no exception.  Although they aren’t juggernauts, the Winnipeg Jets forward group was actually pretty good in the second quarter of the season and didn’t seem to struggle to score as much as they did in the first quarter.  By the time the dust had settled at the forty-one game mark, most Jets forwards were either at or exceeding their career averages. Of course, there are always exceptions.  Injuries have played havoc with Evander Kane getting on one of his rolls and sophomore center Mark Scheifele is battling with consistency, although his second quarter was better than his first.  IMO, Mark Scheifele is still one of the Jets better puck handling forwards and he works hard on his defensive game.  He is still a work in progress. 

The Winnipeg Jets top line of Ladd/Little/Wheeler has remained the most consistent line while Michael Frolik and Mathieu Perreault both had a very solid and productive second quarter.

October 26, 2014-Jets-Avs-09

Mr. Steady

Third and Fourth Lines:

The third line has had it’s ups and downs but for the most-part has been okay. Adam Lowry is slowly learning to be an effective center in the Western Conference and is only going to get better.  The hard truth is that the fourth line is the weak link and contributes next to nothing on a nightly basis.  Why players like Cormier and Klingberg aren’t given an opportunity is puzzling to me and many Winnipeg Jets fans!

At the time of this “Report Card”, the Winnipeg Jets record was 20-14-7 and IMO these grades reflect their play.

Please feel free to add your grades or opinions on any player/players you feel I have over-rated or short-changed.  Remember, this is only my opinion and mine alone and it does not reflect the opinion or opinions of the other writers here at Winnipeg Hockey Talk.

I assign two grades:  first (hockey grade) is just strictly what you see is what you get and the second (ROI) is weighed against salary or “bang for your buck”.

Jets mid-term

Please feel free to comment below.  

Defencemen, goaltenders and special team grades will be published on Sunday.


  1. Fourth line should be F across the board for hockey grade because useless. Rel grade to pay / cap hit I’ll give slater a D. Perreault and Kane are As for both , especially in hockey helping team category. Besides that great piece Mitch!

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      thanks …. everybody’s grades are subjective … IMO A’s are only if the player is at his peak … Kane is one of my favorites but he’s nowhere near his best. Lookout when he is!

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