Winnipeg Jets Mid-Term Report Card: Forwards

Winnipeg Jets grades for the forwards – 

The first half of the regular season saw the Winnipeg Jets play some absolutely terrific hockey mixed in with some of the most frustrating hockey you have every seen.  This team is the poster child for inconsistency.  When you look up the word inconsistent in the dictionary there is a team picture of our beloved Winnipeg Jets.  You get the picture, it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride.  At the halfway point in the season, the Jets record is 19-19-3. 

My criteria:

    • The position and role in the line-up for each game … example: top 6 forward, PP.
    • The amount of ice time and hard minutes … example: playing against top lines, PK.
    • Expectations from coaches, media, and fans.
    • Salary and return on investment (ROI)


      • The Final grade is just based on play.
      • The ROI grade is the return on investment or bang for your buck.

I feel these grades are fair based on where this team is in the standings.  They highlight the fact that the Winnipeg Jets are still not getting enough out of their bottom six forwards although most fans would agree the Jets bottom six forwards are much better than in years past.  It just hasn’t shown up on the scoreboard yet and when it does I’m sure it will be reflected in the team’s record.

As of Jan.5, 2017

Please feel free to add your grades or opinions on any player/players you feel I have over-rated or short-changed.  

Defencemen, goaltenders, and special team grades will be published Saturday.


  1. Read an article outlining Ottawa’s need for a scorer …. somewhat durable.. I think he was describing Stafford.. he’s proven over the years that with ice time.. goals come.

  2. Greg Chrisp says

    I think Perrault and Thorburn should be D. Matthias a C+ otherwise looks pretty good.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      It’s easy to crap on Thorburn and I think unfairly so … he goes out and does what is asked of him during his 5 minutes a game.

      I had a last minute change of heart on MP … I had him lower but gave him the benefit of the doubt. I agree with Matthias … it was a coin flip for me … I wish he played in more games.

  3. Pretty spot on Mitch.
    My two cents….and this is getting picky…
    I expected a bit more of Dano…give him a C+ or B. Although he started with the Moose, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh.
    I’d have Perreault lower than Mathias. Mathias has been more productive on the score sheet than Perreault and I expected the opposite especially as Matty P has the ice time and PP time and talent to play with. It’s hard to be too critical though as he’s been injured and seems to be now finding his stride.
    You overlooked Tanev, and I’d give him a C+. Great energy guy. Would be nice to see him create more offensive with his speed and grit.
    Overall I think the team needed more secondary scoring from the 2nd/3rd line. Lowry stepped up really well, and Mathias chipped in when not injured but other than that the Jets relied on their top tier of players to put the puck in the net.
    And Chris Thorburn, I’d give a B. He did everything and more expected of him. He dropped the gloves every second game and made the most of his scoring chances. I like him in the roster until the Jets have someone else who can agitate and put the puck in the net comes along. (Lemiuex?)

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I like Tanev but he’s not on the 23-man roster so I didn’t grade him … MP’s grade got upgraded last minute … I had a soft moment LOL

  4. When we were in school, Mitch, anything C or higher was a passing grade. So, you’re giving Mathieu Perreault a passing grade?
    Oh my. That isn’t a soft moment. That’s a moment of madness.
    Perreault is paid to provide offence. He’s had PP time. He has nine points. Nine!!! And, in that forward group, his -11 sticks out like John Scott at the top of all-star balloting. His ROI is tragic.
    One of the reasons I read blogs like this is for the kind of honesty you don’t find in mainstream media. Your grade for Perreault is not honest.
    If anyone among the Jets forwards deserves a failing grade, it’s Perreault. And not a D. He deserves an F.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      you are probably right about MP … I don’t know if I would have given him an F …. I originally had him as a D but cut him some slack. To me, Perreault is not a top six forward and I think he is miscast. He is a third line center/winger that should be second unit PP at best, so my expectations for him aren’t all that high although I think he could have been better.

      For me a C means average at best. I’m not an analytics guys but I don’t give guys major props for a good +/- nor do I put too much stock in a bad +/- unless it suits my narrative LOL.

      • patti dawn swansson says

        I’m not big into +/- or analytics, either, unless it’s a glaring departure from the rest of the group. And Perreault’s is. No way he gets a passing grade under any measurement, except the kindness of your curmudgeonly heart, you old softy.

  5. Interesting, and thanks for doing this, Mitch. I think you are too lenient on the play of most of the Jets. We are a team that is .500 and has played mostly poorly thus far. The last two games should not color poor performance (not saying the did in your case). That stated, if they keep playing like they did in Florida, this team could end up in the playoffs. But this is a team that has yet to win three in a row. Perhaps we need Tortorella! Here is my list, which is completely non-scientific: it is only how I felt about their play. I did not further analysis. So it is what it is.

    See for a description on each player.

     Joel Armia B
     Andrew Copp C
     Marko Dano * B
     Nikolaj Ehlers A
     Patrik Laine B+
     Bryan Little A
     Adam Lowry B+
     Shawn Matthias C
     Mathieu Perreault C+
     Nic Petan C+
     Mark Scheifele (A) B
     Drew Stafford C
     Chris Thorburn B
     Blake Wheeler (C) B
     Dustin Byfuglien (A) C+
     Ben Chiarot C
     Toby Enstrom B
     Josh Morrissey A
     Tyler Myers * B
     Paul Postma C
     Mark Stuart D
     Jacob Trouba A
     Connor Hellebuyck C+
     Michael Hutchinson C

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Thanks for reading Scott … if you compare our grades you were actually more lenient LOL

  6. Was listening to SportsNet this morning and they’re chatting about possible trades for M.A. Fleury and one being to Winnipeg for Trouba. It’s so interesting getting the “eastern” slant on these talk shows.. I can’t imagine why the Jets would even consider such a move and whose imagination this type of theory got hatched.
    I’m thinking this comes about because Trouba has possibly requested an out from Winnipeg so the beat guys in the East start speculating. If he wants out, Landeskog would look really good in the Jet’s uniform.

    Just sayin’

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