Winnipeg Jets Report Card: Def/Goal/PP/PK

Winnipeg Jets grades for the defencemen and goaltenders – 

It’s no doubt that the Winnipeg Jets defencemen and goaltenders have been the biggest benefactors of better defensive play from the forward group.  The defensive support has allowed this group to play their game to their strengths and they have done that very well. 

To most hockey observers, the Winnipeg Jets new found defensive prowess is a big surprise and Coach Paul Maurice must get a ton of credit for believing this group could get it done and instituting a system they could execute.

Biggest surprise: Paul Postma – He has been a nice surprise early on this season. His decision making, foot speed, and improved defensive game haven’t gone unnoticed.  I would like to see him get more opportunity in offensive situations. He was an AHL All-Star based primarily on his offensive game and might be able to help a non-existent power-play get untracked.

October 24, 2014-Jets-Lightning-01

Paul Postma has been a pleasant surprise!        photo by Shawn Coates


At the time of this “Report Card”, the Winnipeg Jets record was 10-7-3 and I feel these grades accurately reflect their play … in my opinion.  Please feel free to add your grades or opinions on any player/players you feel I have over-rated or short-changed.  Remember, this is only my opinion and mine only and it does not reflect the opinion or opinions of the other writers here at Winnipeg Hockey Talk. Please feel free to comment below.  

I assign two grades; first (hockey grade) is just strictly what you see is what you get and the second (ROI) is weighed against salary or “bang for your buck”.


1st jets def



  1. George Bain says

    Hey Mitch enjoy your articles and opinions. I basically agree with your ratings. I would give Enstrom an A because the guy rarely ever makes a mistake and when he does I think the fans are surprised. I agree with your assessment of Postma. Good skater and an offensive threat. The biggest disappointment for me has been Bogosian. I thought he came to training camp in poor condition. He’s starting to play better but he seems to be slow in his decision making in my opinion. I look at Trouba who always makes quick decisions on the ice and is a force at such a young age. I guess I expect a lot from Zach.

    I agree Pavelec has improved a lot this year but the past two games he just doesn’t make the big save when needed for me. I have lost faith in the guy. I like Hutchinson but not sure if he could be an everyday starter. Hellbuyck and Comrie could be the answer in the future.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Thanks George …. I agree with you on Toby … he has been very solid but not perfect … I need to leave him some wiggle room to get that A next report card 🙂

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