Winnipeg Jets: Segment 1

How many points will it take for the Winnipeg Jets to secure a playoff berth?

2014-15: Winnipeg Jets got the last wildcard position with 99 points. (96 would have been enough)

2013-14: Dallas Stars needed 91 points to get the last wildcard position.

Is 94 points good enough this season?

I think it is.

Last season it took the Calgary Flames 97 points to grab the last playoff position in the Western Conference but I don’t believe there will be as many gimmee points coming from the Arizona Coyotes and the Edmonton Oilers this season. In saying that the Dallas Stars need 91 points two seasons ago so lets say for argument’s sake we split the difference and say 94 points gets you in this season.

Ten game segments

Playing a long eighty-two game schedule in a tough division and a tough conference can be a daunting task.  So, I, like a lot of NHL coaches, look at the NHL season in ten game segments.  It can help you keep your sanity this way!  I believe this helps keep the highs and lows on a more even keel.  There are eight, ten game segments plus two additional games to make up the NHL’s eighty-two game schedule.

Eleven every ten

It’s simple Winnipeg Jets!  Win every 10 game segment and you’re in.

If the Winnipeg Jets can garner a minimum of eleven points in every ten game segment (on average) and win those two extra games, they should be very close to clinching a playoffs position or at least be in the hunt in the last week of the season.  The team would have 92 points.  Now 92 points might not get you the final playoff position but it should keep you relevant into the last week of the NHL season.  It’s a small conciliation prize but it’s better than being out of it in February isn’t it?

Winnipeg Jets outlook for 2015-16?

There were a lot of question marks surrounding the Winnipeg Jets going into the 2015-16 season.  How will the Jets goaltending be?  Can this team stay out of the penalty box?  Did they do enough in the off-season to counter act their division rivals?  How will the new kids on the block hold up?  What are the Jets going to do with Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien?  Well after the first 10 game segment I’m not sure any of these questions have been answered but so far, so good!

Winnipeg Jets Segment 1

The Winnipeg Jets first ten game segment was surprising good when you consider they really were quite sporadic defensively.  A 6-3-1 record is a great start especially when you compare it to their 4-5-1 start last season.  This season, the Winnipeg Jets are already 4 points ahead of last year’s 97 point season.  It’s a good thing the Winnipeg Jets banked a couple of points in their first segment because segment 2 is going to be a beast with 8 road games. Good luck boys.  

I will chart and update the Winnipeg Jets in 10 game segments all year –

Just like last season I will chart the Winnipeg Jets progress in eight 10 game segments but this year we will leave the two extra games as games #81 and #82.

        As of October 30th 2015

2015-16 seg 1





  1. Sean Gange says

    I love this segment you do Mitch!

  2. Todd Leroux says

    IMO, Sean…just kidding…and sorry.

    The Jets may get 94 points or very close to it, but to answer the question posed directly, “No, it is not enough – not in the Central.”

    Could get 94 and finish 6th by tie-breaker (in actual fact, I am only assuming that this is possible given inter-division play, so I stand to be corrected.).

    Good news is that I am almost always wrong.

    P.S. I choose the under.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I think the standings will level out by the mid-point of the season and 94 points gets in but I’m not sure if the Jets will get to 94 points … if I was forced to decide right now I say they are a playoff team but then again I’m also a fan!

      • Todd Leroux says

        Oh, should clarify…

        Under for the Jets, as mentioned.

        Over for the 3rd seed in the Pacific (96 points needed), so … Final Answer: over.

        Hence, both wild card teams will come from the Central, again.

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