Best Wishes To Riley Martin


Our thoughts and prayers are with Riley Martin and his family at this difficult time …. 

From A Jets Fan In Alberta ….

This is a kind gesture from Devin Setoguchi, Kris Versteeg and Brandon Davidson in hopes of lifting the spirits of Vauxhall Spurs American Legion A baseball player and Medicine Hat AAA Midget hockey player Riley Martin.

Devon3Riley was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  Devin, Kris and Brandon wanted Riley to attend their VerSet Hockey Skills Camp in Taber, AB in early August but Riley was not strong enough to get there.

Professional athletes live a privileged life and they will not deny that but it is thoughtful acts like this one that often go unnoticed and that’s the way they want it.  People cannot see past the dollars, fancy houses and vehicles that a lot of celebrities donate a lot of their time and money to charities and causes to benefit less fortunate.  The reason lies within the media.  They aren’t interested in reporting all the positive acts by athletes, they feel its much more important to hunt down all the indiscretions and atrocities by a small select few.

I like acts like these because it isn’t broadcast across the Nation to force their goodwill onto the public, they do it because its the right thing to do and that they care.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Riley and his family at this difficult time.



  1. Mitch Kasprick says

    It’s gestures like these that mean so much to the friends and families and just illustrates why the hockey players and the hockey community are the best. Get Well Riley.

  2. Scott Campbell says

    Very well said Ben. All the best to Riley. Get well soon!

  3. Definitely a story that needs to be shared. All the best to Riley.

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