Nov. 22: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Winnipeg Jets had some good, bad, and ugly moments this week –

Each week we will list the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the previous week in the land of the Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose.

The Good

The Winnipeg Jets reassigned Nic Petan to the Manitoba Moose where he should get a lot more ice-time to develop his game.  He wasn’t getting enough playing time at the NHL level at this point in time and he wasn’t playing in enough offensive situations with players with a similar skill-set.  There is nothing wrong with spending time in the AHL, some of the greatest players in NHL history have honed their skills in the minors.

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The Bad

The Winnipeg Jets are the undisputed champions of taking penalties.  They excel in this department and it is getting worse instead of better.  When you’re not getting great goaltending and your PK is in the repair shop, the need to stay out of the penalty box is even more urgent but this group seems incapable of accomplishing this.  This responsibility belongs to Paul Maurice and his coaching staff along their captain Andrew Ladd or their real captain, Blake Wheeler. Leadership starts at the top.

The Ugly 

Look no further than the the Winnipeg Jets special teams.  The PK and PP numbers are plummeting faster than the Canadian Dollar!  Although Chris Thorburn scored the GWG vs the Coyotes in a short-handed situation, the special teams are horrific.  If you’re squeamish, please look away.

So far in the month of November, the PK unit has given up 12 goals on 46 opportunities.  Brutal!  

Now for the really offensive news.  In the month of November, the Jets PP has scored a paltry 2 goals in 37 attempts.  Brutal again!  It’s the same power-play that’s been trotted out there since the Jets first season in Winnipeg with the exception that Mathieu Perreault has subbed in for the non-shooting Toby Enstrom.

The Jets record in the month of November so far is 3-6-1 and you need to look no further than their terrible special teams.  If you’re lucky, you can get away with one unit slumping but not both at the same time.  I guess one way to cut down the goals against on the PK is to take less penalties but this team doesn’t seem to have any accountability in this department.  This needs to be addressed and soon. 



  1. Todd Leroux says

    Specialty teams…

    So, systems, coaches, players, a combination of, or just a rough patch?

    Last year was the same as I recall (in terms of rough patches)

    I have no idea re: the solution, so I defer to greater minds.

    Good luck to the Jets.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      a combo but ultimately it’s the players … it’s always the players … they’re the ones on the ice

  2. Todd Leroux says

    I was able take in the Jets’ game today, whilst labouring thru’ a work required paper.

    Though I liked the cycle and speed and physicality of the Jets’ against the last place team in the division, from what I saw, that’s all there was!

    In other words, they didn’t look like a well-coached, system-based team to me.

    At least, in this game (minute sample size).

    And, I want to see Hellybelly play. Hutch was leaky again, which reminded me of his play in the latter parts of last year (first goal notwithstanding).

    Of course, as always…IMO.

    Good luck, Jets!

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