Evander Kane – This Is A Bit Much

Evander Kane —

I’m not going to trade you.  You are far too valuable bud unless they give us the world. 

I’m not going to take back all the times I’ve chosen to defend you when I thought you were just having fun with Winnipeg media and the world of sport, be it from Las Vegas, Vancouver or whatever. 

Yep, I need more than a “report” to make me think you’ve “gone bad”. 🙂  I think you eventually tagged #Winnipegmedia in fact, sending fans a message.

Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane (9). (Photo by Shawn Coates)

Evander Kane           photo by Shawn Coates

I think you’re a gifted, young millionaire having some fun, one that brings his all to every game he puts on a Winnipeg Jets sweater, a guy that wants to win, and tries every day to make it happen on the ice.

I also wonder if the off-ice distractions get to you.  One Gary Lawless has been pounding on your character, etc. for 3 plus years, often for your “things” that I find funny.  So, I get that part, for the most, on your side.

If it was me, I’d likely try to do what I could in an attempt to get Lawless and other negative media going then sit back and laugh at the fallout.  Lawless with his foot-in-mouth disease and well… let’s leave it at that.  😆

So to me, one of your non-paid “twitter-agents”, things were rocking okay.  I thought you were straddling “the good guy/great player line” while having fun.

Then, you jumped on a Vancouver radio station (TEAM 1040) Tuesday and you gave hesitating, incomplete answers about wanting to be a Winnipeg Jet player.  It’s not the first time you were “playing” on radio but I got the bad chills in your answer much more than at any other time.

For some reason, I focused on the fans that not only support the Jets but the tens of thousands of fans that look up to you.  I realized that my funny “Evander Kane gets media going” is hitting the fans now and it hurts many of them.

Gary Lawless blocks me on Twitter so I get that part of you if I guessed right but HE isn’t Winnipeg!  If he is, its only in his own mind.  😯  I believe this is true.  

If you embraced Winnipeg and the fans, they’d hug back big time.  If you think you’re being kind by NOT saying you want to leave, you’re not.

If you really want out of Winnipeg, wouldn’t it be cool to give the scoop to an old has-been Winnipeg Jet that could use a break? Better yet, lets tell the fans how much you want to play here.  I’m here if thats not true.  DM when you’re ready and I’ll thank you for the scoop, but I’ll be sad. 🙁



  1. patti dawn swansson says

    Interesting Scott. Lawless has blocked you on Twitter and I’m told he’s been cautioned not to read my blog for fear he won’t like what he reads. It’s okay for him to take shots at Kane, but he can’t handle it when someone takes shots at him. So lame.

  2. Scott Campbell says

    That pretty much sums it up Patti. He seems to have turned the old “Power of the Pen” into a centre-piece of MSM multiple media; one where he makes all the rules.

  3. Carol Vermeer says

    I love this post, Scott. I really do. Kudos.
    Patti- Lawless supposedly has been cautioned not to read your blog because he may not like what he reads? What is he, 12?

  4. Great post Scott. As for Lawless being cautioned not to read Patti’s blog, I’d suggest he should so he could learn a thing or two about interesting sportswriting with humour.

  5. Rob Carson says

    Thank you! My friends and I laugh at Lawless daily! I’ve never heard of this and maybe you might know, but Lawless said, “it wasn’t that long ago teams used to have their number 2 goalie play in the minors and the number 3 goalie as the backup in the NHL. So if someone got hurt your number 2 goalie was ready to come in and play.”

    I laughed at this and thought when Edmonton had Moog and Fuhr in goal what I wouldn’t have done to get their minor league “number 2 goalie” because he must have been something!

    I was always a Kane fan but that interview you’re talking about made things crystal clear. I still think a good start for him and the team might change his mind. Let’s face it, winning and contributing makes any city a great place to play.

    I only like listening to former players critique hockey. Shane Hnidy, J.P. Vigier (stats are for losers) now you! Thanks for this! Keep it up!

    I would love to hear what you have to say about fighting in the NHL. Not sure if you saw the Edmonton game when Pinzotto tried roughing up Trouba and Peluso took care of it later, that’s why I think it should stay in. But I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. Of course Lawless thinks it’s barbaric yet when a Jets player doesn’t “stand up” for a teammate in his mind he crucifies them for it. Has referenced baseball many times yet they have more bench clearing brawls than any sports league put together.

    We need you on the radio!

  6. Scott Campbell says

    Thanks for reading and for your comments Rob. We’ve discussed some of this via Twitter but I’ll quickly try to sum up my views on fighting. Its much too long a discussion to try to deal with here.

    I hate the staged fight. 2 guys that never play come off bench and fight. It’s embarrassing.
    However, someone going after the actual player that is taking advantage of/cheap-shotting their teammate is fine by me. The same goes for the fiery passion of a Bergeron-Crosby fight. I think the CHL junior league is filtering out the number of embarrassments that will ever see an NHL game. And the game has changed so 4th line players need to be able to play.

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