Noah Gives Winnipeg Jets Four Seats On His Ark

Who would be your four Winnipeg Jets? –

It’s weird how one comes up with ideas for blogs and tweets or maybe it’s just me that’s weird?

As I looked at pictures of some flooding in Winnipeg, my mind flipped to another ark and a day long ago when the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association were being “allowed” entry into the hallowed halls of the NHL.

The price of entry was of course the dismantling of an excellent hockey club, not just WHA champs, but also a team that had a bunch of players coveted by the NHL.  Many felt the upstart league had stolen their draft picks/property, so they made the incoming teams pay.

The Winnipeg Jets were allowed to keep only two skaters and one goaltender.  As some of you know, yours truly joined Morris Lukowich as the two Jets skaters invited to jump on the Winnipeg Jets NHL bound ark.  This turned loose tremendous hockey players who reverted back to their original NHL teams crippling the Jets roster.

Insert your “and Campbell crippled the Jets from the inside”  jokes here ☛ _____________________ ☚  😯


original Winnipeg Jets Scott Campbell, Morris Lukowich and Markus Mattsson.

The three original 1.0 NHL Winnipeg Jets  images courtesy of


There was a tweet relevant to a couple thoughts here and it expresses some of the emotion that was in play back in that day.

No doubt about it Robert and the first part leads to my reason for writing this blog.  Now back to the present, a flood in Winnipeg and I proposed the following on Twitter:

And wowsers!  I got a great response and much appreciation to all who responded.

It certainly gives us some insight into Winnipeg Jets fans thoughts, so I’ll give you some results.

Guess whose name was on all serious ballots or at least deemed serious by me?

We had some comedy/trolling going on too.  😈  

And I might have missed a couple of tweets but think it’s 100%.

If you guessed J.T. as his initials, you a winna!

Who joins Trouba is easy right?  Well it is because Arctic Ice Hockey didn’t stuff the ballot box with Sean Couturier.  I think that’s a good thing although that Blight guy is a bit of a runaway.  Ha ha just kidding.

“Bambi-Legs” Mark Scheifele made 80% of the ballots, far ahead of anyone else.

The last two seats went to Scheifele’s line-mates this coming year in a dead-heat. Who’s that?  It’s far from guaranteed but Wheeler and the #thenatural made the cut.  Even though it’s a tie and Kane is much younger, they got 40% of the vote.  I mentioned Wheeler first because Kane must have cheated here or farted when he was being interviewed by Gary Lawless.  Wheeler would never do THAT! Anyways they’re both in.  🙂

the Winnipeg Jets that made the Top 4

These 4 made it on to the Ark!

All cool?  But we are leaving some people to drown.  What do we say to them? Seriously ~ tell me what we should say to all of these?  This is an exercise to test how you REALLY feel.

1)  Captain Ladd, who got on 4% of the ballots.  FOUR F’N %!  “Captain, my Sergeant”?  Wow, toss the captain in the drink?

2)  Frisky Frolik, who tied Ladd.  “I guess us fans don’t want you THAT bad at $5 mil”? *Walsh*

3)  Hutchinson and Hellebuyck tied both Ladd and Frolik.  “While Pavs scares the shit out of us, he dies with you too”.  Prospect goalies just can’t take jobs from very good “skaters”?

4)  Tobias Enstrom is the next level heading toward Trouba’s perfection which is a really low spot for such a valuable player.  In fairness, some tweets mentioned that Toby deserves better but because of age and the four seats here do we just say “Thanks for the memories”?

5)  Big Buff and Bogo are quite the pair.  Talented guys that can’t play together, I guess.  Yea, both right-hand shots (big deal?) and they both got the same number of votes and they both have their detractors.  They both attract rumors easily too, which create whispers in Winnipeg and around the league.  Do we tell them? “We’re going with a youth movement guys, you are not young Buff or Bogo, you’re a good guy and Trouba will miss you.  We also think you two are the strongest swimmers.  Good luck and call us if you make it”.

Huge holes to fill …

6)  Moving up in popularity to keep alive ON THE ARK  is Bryan Little.  While Wheeler and Little ended up in a “final battle” on a few occasions for some voters (they were mentioned to me).  Wheeler won a lot, doubling Little’s score, so even though Josh Morrissey (!!) tied Little, these results could change easily with more ballots submitted.

So do we say “thanks for providing good times in Barrie for Scott and thanks for being there EVERY shift in da Peg Bryan?”

With young Morrissey tying Little, it tells me Jets fans are paying attention.  We don’t need to tell Josh nuttin when saying goodbye.  He’ll find his way back to join the Big Four. 😛  Little will have the map.  😀

7)  The guy lurking around at 30% on the ballots is a young fella, the mighty popular Mr. Nik Ehlers,  Jets 1st pick this year.  

Grab him on twitter at ☛ ☛  @NikolajEhlers24

I’m thinking if Kane and Wheeler look around and see Ehlers is next in line on the ark’s ramp but it is being shut down from getting on board that Kane will convince Wheeler to give up his spot for Nik.

Wouldn’t that be just like Kane?  😈



  1. Mitch Kasprick says

    Hey Scott, what makes you so sure those guys left off the ark wouldn’t just swim in the opposite direction?!?!?! LOL …. nice article with some surprising results.

  2. Scott Campbell says

    haha thanks Mitch.

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