Winnipeg Jets and “All I Want For Christmas”

Scott’s Thoughts on Winnipeg Jets Season #4 –

Hey, how are you Winnipeg Jets fans?  Here’s hoping you are well and here we go on “Season Four”. 

This has nothing to do with Christmas itself despite the title.  It’s a timeline.

But for my beloved Jets, I have some wishes and ask the hockey gods and the universe to provide this.

I have to admit that I have already drafted a blog that could only be taken in a negative light but have chosen to keep it safe on my pc’s hard drive because there is some speculation attached (not all mine) and I don’t want to start the season with that.  I actually spent time on it so it was a tough decision.   😈  

But, the Winnipeg Jets last exhibition game showed some hope.  The team looked like they had actually played together before which is always a good thing heading into the regular season.

Then the good-byes that it brings … Tough to say goodbye to Petan, Ehlers and Morrissey but in my world Petan was the only one that might have had a shot considering the “True North” plan.  Ehlers was amazing at times and probably got sent down because he was favouring tweets while doing a nice dangle on the ice. 😆  Petan just keeps amazing me by his vision and high-end talent.  Mr. Morrissey didn’t show Jets management what they needed to see to put him on this year’s club but the future is bright for this young defenceman.  I would only want to see him here full-time at this point if he was going to get top-4 minutes.  It was obvious he needs to go and dominate at the World Junior Championship like that Trouba guy did.  Fun Christmas for Jets fans, Petan, Morrisey and ??? from Jets.

I’m not saying good-bye to the late veteran cuts.  They’ll be interchangeable with the bottom few on the Jets starting roster when injuries become reality. They are what they are.


Peter Budaj

Eric Tangradi got a new lease on life as a Montreal Canadiens prospect in exchange for Habs third goalie Peter Budaj and a prospect named Holland. Unfortunately it wasn’t the Holland I was hoping for when I first heard it but I don’t usually miss Leafs-Habs trades.  Tangradi was waived and was an AHLer.  Salary dump/insurance/whatever call this as you want.  I’ll use “meh” a word used by people who seem to be out of touch with topics at hand but love the “cool” word. Ha, many people laugh at you.  But this is a “who cares”? type of scenario.  Sure, I can nitpick but no.



Michael Hutchinson

As I write this it could play out in different ways.  Is something going on with Michael Hutchinson who we thought had the backup spot locked up? Trade?  If he’s sent down, he has to clear waivers.  So does Budaj go there and clears easily because of a .903 career save percentage and the trends to math infecting many teams?  Who knows?  That situation would be odd as the Jets have an “internal cap” on player spending so Budajs’ very generous $1.4 million cap hit doesn’t fit that scenario.

Some have mentioned, he would be a great mentor for Jets prospect Connor Hellebuyck with the Ice Caps in St. John’s.  That’s an expensive tutor when we have to be thrifty.

 I purposely led this to goal-tending because that is my biggest and first wish for Christmas regarding the Jets.  I’m not going to ask for the world.

 1)  League-average goal-tending with save percentage numbers.  It’s not perfect but its a start.  I don’t care who gets us there, just get us there so we can evaluate the rest of the team properly.  Call it the missing link.

 2)  Give this group a few months together with that decent goaltending till Christmas at least.  Injury-free.

 3)  Sure, I’d like to see other add’s but I’m not holding my breath on those.  (Top 4 d-man, top-9 forward, goalie solution, blah blah)


I think this is reasonable.  I’m tired of excuses and while I appreciate ultra-loyal fans the same arguments are heard every year defending the team yet the results have never really changed.  At some point, we’ll have to look at the results.

League-average goal-tending would give us a more true read on where the Jets truly are.

It’s not only reasonable but it’s very fair to Chevy beyond doubt.  So it’s good for the Jets, their fans and True North.  We all win.

Go Jets Go!  We’re tied for first!  And hopefully a truly Merry Christmas for us all when I revisit this blog then.



  1. Mitch Kasprick says

    I love that our market just asks for “league average” goaltending ……. why not, we’re not being greedy … it’s the least the “Hockey Gods” could do for us !!!!!

  2. Rob Carson says

    Yes I agree the excuses talk is getting a bit old but if they get into the last playoff spot race up until game 82 that to me is a huge improvement in that division. If that happens and with the talent coming up I’m encouraged for the Jets’ future.

    If we struggle this year (we struggle, like it’s my team!) I think some big names get traded either by January or trade deadline. But I think we’ll be very competitive this year.

    I believe Pavelec will be solid if they keep the shots under at least 30 per game this year.

    I thought the Jets final preseason game with basically the main team was exciting because I thought they dominated that game.

    I’m also excited with the 3 top lines. Schiefele – Kane – Wheeler, Ladd – Little – Frolik, Perrault – Byufglien – Lowry. They all can score and if they stay healthy that’s 3 pretty good lines. If the 4th line can play 12-14 minutes and not be a liability this is a pretty good forward group. If Trouba plays even better than he has, Bogosian stays healthy and throws away the worst luck I’ve ever seen a defenceman go through in one year (pass to Perry in the slot, at least 3 deflections off his skate/leg and in) I’m optimistic.

    Is that too many “if’s”? I hope not. You’re right, Petan looks good and what a playmaker. Ehlers showed flashes of a star player. I’m excited for the future.

    Chevy has built a good amount of depth in a short time. Patience is needed. I hope the impatient fans and very impatient media who have zero accountability don’t derail Chipman’s plan because in my book, they’re on the right track.

  3. Scott Campbell says

    Thanks for your comments Rob. I agree with your first paragraph as far as a general guideline for “improvement”. If the Jets are still in playoff race at game 82 it would be difficult to not see that as improvement.
    I see the top 9 as okay but since injuries always happen I’m most happy with a powerful top-six, even if a few injuries.
    I’m already on record with my serious concerns with Pavs; to a lesser extent but growing, Bogo. We need him to turn his healthy play around, injuries notwithstanding.

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