FINAL: 2016-17 “NHL 3-Point” Standings

3-Point Standings –

The actual NHL standings are posted on the left and the alternative standings on the right.  The alternative standings are based on the NHL allotting 3 points in every NHL game.  Three (3) points would be awarded for a win in regulation time instead of 2 points while OT and SO wins will be two points and finally one point for an OT or SO loss. [Read more…]

East Or West — Who Has More Skill In The NHL?

What Conference Has More Skill?  East Or West?

Once again, twitter was the vehicle for some stimulating debate during some downtime.  It started with a tweet saying there was more skill in the Eastern Conference.  Well I agreed with that comment.  Further to my argument, I am of the opinion that the best team doesn’t necessarily have the best players.  Of course, I was rebuffed on both counts otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. [Read more…]

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