Saying Goodbye To Kobe

Kobe Bryant embodied the vision that many wish to achieve

It is just past midnight on January 27, 2020.  12:34 A.M. It’s been about ten hours since I heard the news – saw the news.  Perhaps that’s more accurate.  I was just finishing up my shift, I was standing by the time clock.  The same place I was 20 months ago when the Humboldt Broncos bus crashed and sixteen people lost their lives.  Most of them were kids, torn and stolen from their families before the prime of their lives.  I remember turning on my phone and seeing a notification from the CTV app.  It said there were confirmed fatalities after a bus crash in western Canada.  That’s all.  I wouldn’t learn the true impact until later that night.  Similarly, I checked my phone today at 2 in the afternoon.  The BBC News app had a headline that would rock not only the basketball world but the entire world: Basketball great Kobe Bryant, 41, has died in a helicopter crash, US media report. [Read more…]

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