Zach Bogosian Five Years Later


Zach Bogosian … 

Zach Bogosian played this past season in the NHL for the Winnipeg Jets 

Position: Defense      Shoots: Right

DOB:  Massena, NY

Height: 6’3                 Weight: 215

Selected by: Atlanta   Round:1st   Overall: 3rd   Year: 2008 NHL Entry Draft

I will be continuing my “look back” at NHL prospects a few years after their draft year and today we are going to look at Winnipeg Jets defenceman Zach Bogosian. I like to pick a current roster player on one of my favorite teams and look back at their post draft projections.  The projections are based on their amateur careers and draft position.  One of my favorite websites for this sort of thing is Hockey’s Future. 

Zach Bogosian played 2 seasons in the Ontario Hockey League for the Peterborough Petes.  In his two seasons with the Petes, he posted an impressive 18 goals, 76 assists for a total of 94 points along with 135 PIM and a plus/minus rating of +2 in 127 games.  Let’s see what the guys at Hockey’s Future said.


Zach Bogosian’s Prospect Analysis



After Five Years In The NHL

It’s been 5 years since the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and Zach Bogosian’s evaluation from the guys at Hockey’s Future is right on course.  Their analysis of Bogo isn’t much different from what I see on a night to night basis.

Zack BogosianThe guys at Hockey’s Future gave him a Prospect Talent Score (PTS) of 8.0 and a Probability Of Success (POS) rating of B.  I think he’s already close to being there and should easily surpass those ratings.

My only critique of his game is that he is not selfish enough with the puck.  I don’t know if this is his decision or by design from the coaching staff.  Bogosian a very good shot and I’d like to see him use it more.  With the offensive defencemen that surround him on this Jets team, he may not feel the need  to assert his offensive game.  He has a skill-set to be a decent point producer at the NHL level.

His defensive game is developing and he has a mean streak that some of the other defencemen on this team lack.  Bogosian should be the leader of the next wave of Winnipeg Jets top four defenceman along with Trouba and Morrissey. Enstrom and Byfuglien may have something to say about that and wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?

It is my opinion that if Zach Bogosian plateaued right now, he’d still be a competent top four defenceman but I believe his ceiling is very high and he still has lots of room for growth.  Depending on how his game evolves, he should be in the “elite” class of NHL defencemen with capabilities to put up 40-50 point seasons.  Bogo has the potential to be an “All-Star” and will be a mainstay on the Jets blue-line for many years.     

Most of my friends in the real world, in the twitterverse and the readers at Winnipeg Hockey Talk know I’ve been a “Bogo guy” from DAY ONE.  I think he’s ready to take this team on his back for many years to come.  Some will argue that Dustin Byfuglien drives the bus on this Jets team and as he goes so do the Jets. This might be true and he probably would be if he played with the same “compete level” that Zach does every night.

Zach Bogosian does most of the heavy lifting on the back-end and in front of the Jets net on a nightly basis.  He will be getting some help in that area in the near future from young Jacob Trouba.  Can you imagine a top four of Toby, Buff, Bogo and Trouba playing their best with Morrissey coming in a year or two?  Oh to dream !!!  BUT ~ this dream might not be that far away !!!  That’s the optimist in me. 

Never surrender !!! 

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  1. Good read Mitch…Bogo is an absolutely stud and will be a staple on the Jets blue line for a long time. I do think the style of play that will evolve from the defence will make them tough to play against at both ends of the ice. Unfortunately the NTC for Enstrom may become the cog in the wheel as Morrisey might be ready sooner than Enstrom can be moved. Now Jets bringing White in on PTO will only enhance the competition at camp. There maybe some interesting changes when the team breaks camp in October. Should be fun to watch.

  2. Bogo is a beast; he’s a jewel in our crown. We just need him to stay healthy and yes, it would be nice of he took more shots but as you say, that may not be up to him.
    Really looking forward watching to this young D man develop; you sometimes forget how young he is. So much to look forward to, here.

  3. Paul Poirier says

    Bogo is the future Captain of this team. He is the defensive key for this team going forward. Mitch is bang on with the assessment that if buff and toby are around with bogo/trouba/morrissey what a collection we would have. And hey zach redmond and paul postma are not bad either

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      you can never have enough D … worst case scenario is you have great depth and some good trading chips !!!

  4. Well done Mitch, but I can’t let you off the hook totally. 🙂 I agree Bogo may be constrained by the coaching staff, as he’s a guy that will try to duplicate his coach’s wishes, even to his personal detriment when it might hurt his chances at more offense, etc. Thats why a C on his jersey is so easy to envision. You used the word “might” when discussing whether Buff drives the Jets bus, or can Bogo. Buff is is the guy driving this years bus, and its all out with the Olympic opportunity for him. I like everything about Bogo, but Little Buff is a Norris guy now, with a big year. Bogo a beast, but not there yet, and will never have the dominance offensively that a Norris guy usually needs these days. Still, like commenters all said, and you detailed, Bogo a beast! 🙂

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Bogo’s not there yet but I think he can elevate his game still …. he was a pretty good point producer in Peterborough and his offensive game is under-rated by many. But I’ll take him as he is as long as he plays hard.

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