Scott’s Thoughts: The Winnipeg Jets Two Years Later


Scott’s Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets After Two Years

I realize Twitter often has us not fully understanding what someone actually believes so I’d like to address a couple of these today.    I’m just an original Winnipeg Jets 1.0 player who is now just a Jets 2.0 fan.  Old and feeble so be kind.   😆

Late edit: I sent the original version of this article to Mitch, site owner and admin, late Sunday night thinking we had a couple days to edit and then post mid-week.  I got up Monday morning and found out Kevin Cheveldayoff stuck it to me by scheduling a press conference that afternoon after weeks of silence. 😎  So, I leave much of it as first written.

General Manager-Kevin Cheveldayoff

(The following is directed at Twitter.) “Never has someone done so little and been chastised so much.”

Doesn’t matter who the author of that is,  Chevy has done the little stuff well (some call him Mr. Waiver Wire) and has held the leaky fort he inherited from Atlanta.  Funny enough, it’s a former Winnipeg Jet that forcibly had to hand over the reins to Chevy; my former teammate Rick Dudley. There was MUCH less quality than the national/Toronto press had reported although Dudley did sign Dustin Byfuglien, Andrew Ladd, and a couple of others.  Also, the previous Atlanta GM drafted Zach Bogosian of course.

So ho hum on the first 2 years.  It was great to get on a roll this year and make that playoff push.  The excitement from Winnipeg Jets fans was just as expected.  Incredible!  Should Chevy have traded UFA-eligible Ron Hainsey?  20/20 hindsight befits all of us well if we are the onlookers.

Still, at the time when I looked at his 5 year plan, I leaned towards him moving Ron for a draft pick or two.  Understanding and wanting are two different things.

My belief on a five-year plan as proposed by Chevy at the start is that year three is the boom-or-bust year.  You see a plan clearly develop or you won’t.  So from a totally analytic view, THIS is my year. I’m going to let it play out until we get our players signed. Call me “MSM sheep” or some of the other tags leveled at people that have patience but THAT is ME.  I like to have the actual facts in front of me.

We have to remember it’s just a game.  I have to admit one day at work I snorted coffee up my nose as I read a Chevy “detractor” describing an imaginary event that was “supposedly” a highlight of Chevy’s day.  Even though I am waiting patiently for Chevy to unveil his signings, trades, etc., I have to respect those who are not the same as me but also Jets fans.  When they’re funny, it’s even better. #whatdidchevydotoday may not be fair but sometimes a laugh… 

Draft-wise, I believe in Mark Scheifele and I believe in Jacob Trouba but it’s far too early to start looking to the two drafts as an indication of Chevy’s abilities in that.  It “looks good” is fair I think.  After all, I looked good to some at one point too then went “poof” into the night.  😆

Speaking of drafts…

Nikita Zadorov     Photo by Terry Wilson

Nikita Zadorov Photo by Terry Wilson

2013 NHL Entry Draft 

As a London Knights alumni, I’ve been pumping the tires of the three highest-rated Knights:  Horvat, Domi and Zadorov.  Am I biased? Of course, but also have followed them since they broke into the OHL and would be happy to have any or all three 😆  on the Winnipeg Jets.  Horvat is the complete package.  Domi is the offensive wizard.  Zadorov could become that dominant and physical D for many years to come.  At our 13th spot in the draft, they all are possibilities.  While it was a “young” London Knights team that went to the Memorial Cup, these three tell you why they got there.



Having said all that, I just want the best player on the board.  Chevy picking up another first-round pick in that area (14-17) as  first suggested by Mitch, WHT owner,  might be possible and would be most welcome.


We ll be adding some players come Sunday and I am hopeful Chevy has an extra pleasant surprise or two in store for us in the form of trades.

#whatdidchevydotoday will have trouble on Sunday fitting all those player names into one tweet.  😎

And speaking of trades…

Dustin ByfuglienDustin Byfuglien

He is “THE” player that every Jets fan, including me,  hoped would become what his “potential” said  it should.  In coaching circles, “potential” is at times noted as the dreaded “P” word.  Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press wrote an article or two on this as have others.  According to Mr. Lawless, Buff played at over 300 pounds making Buff virtually un-tradeable.  However, I’m thinking the way every player in the league communicates everyone knew Buff’s weight was close to that.   The interest teams may have had didn’t drop off the map because somebody’s neighbour told somebody that he weighed 302.  We don’t know,  maybe, Buff was never going to be traded anyway!  But, I think he could bring us a big improvement up front and we can get over his loss.  I think the people that say “Buff is Buff” are right and the “P” word isn’t relevant.

If we keep him, you know I’ll be cheering those end to end rushes in OT.  At the same time, I’ll be wondering what we might have got when he’s standing beside a guy 120 pounds lighter who he didn’t stop from scoring while standing right beside him…

Please note, “Buff is Buff” is a player I love to watch when he’s rolling.  My thinking is he’s best suited on a team where he doesn’t have to carry the load like Chicago was for him.  I even think he might be happier in that environment.   Maybe there’s a team like that who understands the value he’d bring to their team and who in turn could help fill some of our holes.  He gets mentioned often because he’s one of the true assets that might bring a great return not because he hasn’t been a good defenceman for the Winnipeg Jets.  He’s carried a huge load for us but hockey is a business and teams need to improve.  If the right deal is out there, Chevy will have a tough time saying no despite what he said at his press conference.  That wasn’t a “no” to trading him but just a reflection of what’s happened so far.

Final Thoughts

One last thing.   As I still remember well the inconsistent performances of the Jets this year, I’m convinced there was a problem(s) in that room and that must be rooted out.  I don’t know “who”.  It’s just that every team I’ve been around that played like that ALWAYS had that problem.  So, that might mean a trade I wasn’t expecting.  Or one I was… 


  1. Pitty_Da_Fool says

    Doesnt really take 20/20 hindsight to realize that if youre buildin through the draft, you might wanna dump pending UFAs for pick.

    • Scott Campbell says

      You’re just trying to cloud the issue with facts. lol

      • Pitty_Da_Fool says

        Buff, Im kinda torn on, i know hes an elite defencemen, but hes worth something and hes moving past his prime. Bet his knees are gone soon.

        • Scott Campbell says

          I totally understand what you’re saying, I was hesitant about even bringing it up, but I’m either going to write from the heart, or get out. I love his talent, and we get good game from him, despite some warts, which all players have. Our serious Cup run in 3 or more years just doesn’t fit, as you’ve said. Its not like I want him to be given away. lol

  2. Thesawch says

    Good insight Scott. Maybe in future blogs you can tell us some stories of some cancers in the locker rooms and what you guys did to cut them out. No need to mention any names. LOL

    • Scott Campbell says

      Thanks Sawchy, “cutting” them out sounds crude, but those were the good old days. 🙂

  3. Scott Campbell says

    Did those people have their shoelaces tied up. Bet not. 🙂

  4. Pitty_Da_Fool says

    The problem with these cancer in the room stories is that from the outside we have no idea whats real or whats spin from either side during contract negotiations. Seems to me we here most of these cancer to the room things just before and during free agency.

    • Scott Campbell says

      I hear ya. But playing, and coaching, every time a team is as inconsistent, there’s a problem. I didn’t point fingers for a reason, have no idea. I wouldn’t even speculate, as I’ve seen it in very surprising places. Lets just say I’d bet a lot of money on it. And I HOPE its gone.

      • Pitty_Da_Fool says

        I point fingers. Pavelec needs help, and our entire system has no depth. You can only win if you have the right pieces in place, we dont even got a second line, and our feeder system is sad. I know i contradict myself a bit, but Noel can only coach what he has, players can only play to level they can play, regardless if theres a prick in the room. My finger as of this moment is pointed squarely at Chevy. This does not mean my view cant be changed, like some ppl like to believe, it means i havent seen anything to make me optimistic YET.

  5. Scott Campbell says

    Lets leave the “prick” story as I’m going to get to that on here. I don’t have anything to say to the rest, as we are all waiting for where your finger is pointing. Know this though, I’ve seen you change your mind, and be gracious to the peeps who helped you through it. So cheers to that!

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