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Who To Keep And Who To Buy-out In Your Keeper League? — 

The NHL hockey season is just over 2 weeks away and if you are part of a fantasy keeper league, you are probably planning on what players you are going to keep for the upcoming season.  Depending on the layout of your league, you may be faced with other decisions such as; do you have to extend player contracts? Do you have buyouts?

I have experience in 2 types of fantasy keeper leagues.  The first involves 20 active player spots where I am allowed to keep a maximum of 15 players and I am allowed to drop any contracts without consequence.  The second is one where I am bound to contracts that have years left on them.  The only way to get rid of these contracts is to buy them out.  The buyout goes against my salary cap for this upcoming season. Both leagues involve salary caps.


Philadelphia cut their loses and bought-out Bryz

There are 2 rules I like to follow when making my decision:

Rule #1

Before I keep or extend a player I ask myself; if I let the player go, do I stand a great chance of getting him for cheaper in the auction?  Player value is important to your success in fantasy keeper leagues.  If you can get a player for a cheaper cost, get rid of him.


Rule #2

If you are stuck with a contract that is highly overvalued, buy him out!  There is nothing worse than having a player on your team that’s getting paid too much.  The buyout may count against your salary cap however you will open another roster position to get a player you do want.  Over valued contracts are hard to trade and you may be stuck with that player for the year.

These seem like a couple of “no brainer” rules, however, most people don’t follow them.  If you follow these rules now or choose to follow them in the future, you will create an advantage for yourself against your competition.


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  1. Mitch Kasprick says:

    A lot of fantasy players play with their heart and don’t like putting a favorite player back into the pool for fear of not getting him back at the auction.

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