Winnipeg Jets: Decisions … Decisions …

Winnipeg Jets: Decisions, Decisions … Waiver subtractions?  Young Blood Additions? –

By Derek Curtis

Most would say too much depth is a good problem to have.  We are seeing with the Winnipeg Jets, that may not be the case.

Somewhat of a unique circumstance having a wide range of player types trying out for only a couple of positions. [Read more…]

Want a New Ford? Or Stay With the Old Chevy?

By Derek Curtis:

The Winnipeg Jets and Expectations –

As the season inches closer each day, each year, the hockey talk around town heats up!  Everyone is excited at the possibilities for the team and fueled by their passion.  Those expectations are high.  Safe to say the so-called “Honeymoon” period is all but over and now fans want results.  After all, who doesn’t like winning? [Read more…]

Guest Posting Area

Winnipeg Hockey Talk “Guest Posting” Area —

Give it a try.  Post as often as you’d like.  [Read more…]

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