Expectations for the 2016/17 NHL Season

Who to watch this NHL season –

October, a new season for the National Hockey League (NHL) will begin and fans are starting to get excited!  Soon they will be cheering on their favorite team at the rink or from home.  While enjoying the game, some fans like to make it even more thrilling by placing a bet on hockey or the game they are watching as well as others.

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Podcast 032: Winnipeg Jets Playoff Edition

Winnipeg Hockey Talk editor Mitch Kasprick is joined regular guest Darryl Manchulenko to celebrate the Winnipeg Jets clinching their first ever playoff spot. [Read more…]

The Winnipeg Jets: To Believe? Or Not To Believe?

Is it finally time for fans to believe in their beloved Winnipeg Jets? –

Winnipeg Jets fans would likely respond “of course!”  I ask not to question a fan’s belief in their team but from a realistic winning stand point is this team for real. Are they finally turning it around and playing the right way?
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WHT Podcast 023 on the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Hockey Talk editor Mitch Kasprick is joined by Winnipeg Hockey Talk writers Darryl Mills and Darryl Manchuleko and special guest, award winning columnist Dejan Kovacevic.

We talk about how Winnipeg changed Dejan’s life back in 1996.  Read his article here call Friday Wakeup Call: How Winnipeg changed my life

Check out Dejan Kovacevic’s NEW website here …  DK on Pittsburgh Sports

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Winnipeg Jets Next Home Game

Game 81 — Apr. 10 vs  Bos —    [Read more…]

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