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About Blake Wheeler’s snooty attitude…the athlete-media dynamic…fake news…untouchable Winnipeg Jets…and needing 23 more wins

by Patti Dawn Swansson

It was a simple question …  ☛ ☛ Read more

About a Hall pass for “hell-ya!” girl Hayley Wickenheiser…keeping it behind closed doors for the Winnipeg Jets…fickle fans…and a new turn for the CFL quarterback carousel

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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About Paul Maurice and those Grinch schedule-makers who’ve stolen the Winnipeg Jets’ season…and Puck Finn’s classic ‘selfie’

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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About Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice’s job status…No. 3 center Mark Scheifele…too much ice for Big Buff…too much whining about the schedule…and a Grey Cup for the Stampeders

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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The two Hens in the Hockey House deliver the goods on the 2019 Stanley Cup champion Winnipeg Jets, the Rink Rat, Puck Finn, Sideline Sara, the Lickety Split Line and much more

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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About the Winnipeg Jets’ version of Seinfeld…Kevin Cheveldayoff taking 18 minutes to say nothing…telling Mathieu Perreault to shove it…a bad scoop at the Freep…and the Hens in the Hockey House just miss the call on Patrik (Puck Finn) Laine

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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Trending Up, Trending Down: Rangers are hot, cramping Jagr is not

Each week ... ☛ ☛ Read more

About Bobby Hull pooping on his own party…fallen heroes…the CFL not on TSN…and Rod Black losing the plot

by Patti Dawn Swansson

TNSE put ☛ ☛ Read more

About Kevin Cheveldayoff’s panic pick…the Andrew Ladd trade…this Finn’s not the Flash…and the building of a Stanley Cup champion

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Logan Stanley ☛ ☛ Read more

About hockey greats, self-indulgent unnecessary sports writing, Lebron James’s legacy, Kerry Fraser’s gaffe, Jimmy Hoffa, and other things on my mind

by Patti Dawn Swansson

I witnessed my ☛ ☛ Read more

Patrik Laine: Is the Flamboyant Finn and his loose lips a fit for the Winnipeg Jets or will he give them fits?

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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About P.K. Snub-ban, wife-beating Russians, playoff beards, John McEnroe, Mike O’Shea has to watch another film

by Patti Dawn Swansson

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Will Blake Wheeler want to hang around if the Winnipeg Jets can’t win?

by Patti Dawn Swansson

So, you’re Blake ☛ ☛ Read more 

Who will teach these young Winnipeg Jets how to win?

by Patti Dawn Swansson

There is expectation☛ ☛ Read more 

Oh, woe is TSN…cutting off Kevin Cheveldayoff in mid-sentence…trading to land Auston Matthews…and putting the C on a Winnipeg Jets jersey

by Patti Dawn Swansson

TSN’s Trade Centre … ☛ ☛ Read more

Fishing with Big Buff…$8 million will buy a lot of Slurpees…Bombers put best foot forward…going ga-ga over Lady Gaga

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Ice fishing as a selling … ☛ ☛ Read more

Bottom Feeders ‘R’ Us…hope in Edmonton…media whining about the zebras…and other things on my mind

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Winnipeg Jets, last place … ☛ ☛ Read more

What are the Winnipeg Jets afraid of…Big Buff a man of many words…no Sun in Twang Town…and a non-diving Dane

by Patti Dawn Swansson

It’s almost Groundhog Day … ☛ ☛ Read more

The Drab Slab recruits Scott Campbell…nothing new at the Sun…still a hate-on for Shane Doan…and why not Anthony Peluso in the NHL all-star game?

by Patti Dawn Swansson

So, how does one … ☛ ☛ Read more

Yo! Mark Chipman! Butt out, you buttinski

by Patti Dawn Swansson

The floating rumor that … ☛ ☛ Read more

Sports scribes are every bit as disloyal as football coaches

by Patti Dawn Swansson

It’s Thursday morning … ☛ ☛ Read more

Around the NHL

Sunday’s results … ☛ ☛ Read more

Wild claim centre Jarret Stoll off waivers 

The move was made … ☛ ☛ Read more

Carey Price wins Lou Marsh Award 

Carey Price has been … ☛ ☛ Read more

Yo! Grapes! Stars scrapping in the NHL is as old as the puck

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Apparently, Donald S. Cherry has some long-term memory issues … ☛ ☛ Read more

About self-absorbed sports scribes … the Egg Man … Scrounger Thorburn

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Paul Wiecek gets it … ☛ ☛ Read more

What the NHL is saying about Alex Ovechkin

Washington Capitals … ☛ ☛ Read more

Wheeler injured by shot at Jets practice

Winnipeg Jets forward Blake Wheeler left … ☛ ☛ Read more

Hamonic requests trade from Islanders: 

NYI d-man Travis Hamonic has requested a trade  … ☛ ☛ Read more

HOF goalie Roy says nets should be bigger

Patrick Roy says nets should be bigger … ☛ ☛ Read more

Europe adds Maurice to World Cup staff

Paul Maurice added to World Cup staff … ☛ ☛ Read more

Can Mike Babcock bring Olympic magic to World Cup?

It’s not great surprise that Mike Babcock was named … ☛ ☛ Read more 

Evander Kane can’t get over Winnipeg and Winnipeg can’t get over Evander Kane

by Patti Dawn Swansson

Evander Kane is the gift that just keeps giving … and  … ☛ ☛ Read more 

Maple Leafs, Flames, Canucks pursuing top Russian prospect

There’s a new Russian free agent and teams are lining up to  … ☛ ☛ Read more 

WHL Roundup: Chase Harrison scores OT winner as Pats beat Warriors

Chase Harrison scored his first of the season 13 seconds … ☛ ☛ Read more 

Winnipeg Jets: It’s the Tao of Freddy that makes Paul Maurice do the things he does

by Patti Dawn Swansson

I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all … ☛ ☛ Read more 

Blue Jackets fire Richards as coach, hire Tortorella

John Tortorella was named the new coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets … ☛ ☛ Read more

Young talent fuels unbeaten Coyotes’ surprise fast start

Anthony Duclair’s first hat trick highlighted … ☛ ☛ Read more  



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