Winnipeg Jets: Coach Claude is almost done

I sense we are about to witness an eruption — 

I say that because Claude Noel isn’t having a whole lot of fun.  He’s got that pained, “Oh, no, not-another-root-canal” look. [Read more…]

National Hockey League Players Could End Fighting

I Suppose I’m Hockey’s Version Of A Tree-hugger — 

I’m not sure if that places me in the minority, but, yes, I prefer my shinny sans fisticuffs.  I find zero entertainment value in two large lads slapping each other upside the head simply because they have nothing better to do.   [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets: Some Questions With Answers

Well, the blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda season is finally over and I’m quite grateful for that —  [Read more…]

Coyotes Franchise Better Than Winnipeg Jets?

Phoenix Coyotes a better NHL franchise than Winnipeg Jets?

Can it really be? The Phoenix Coyotes a better overall franchise than the Winnipeg Jets?

Say it ain’t so. [Read more…]

Does Claude Noel Need To Step Up His Game?

Why aren’t the “experts” talking about Claude Noel needing to step up his game? — 

The experts (quote, unquote) talk about Olli Jokinen needing a bounce-back year.

The experts talk about Mark Scheifele finally stepping up and earning the centre-ice position on the second line. [Read more…]

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