Does Claude Noel Need To Step Up His Game?

Why aren’t the “experts” talking about Claude Noel needing to step up his game? — 

The experts (quote, unquote) talk about Olli Jokinen needing a bounce-back year.

The experts talk about Mark Scheifele finally stepping up and earning the centre-ice position on the second line. [Read more…]

Zach Bogosian Saving The Best For Last

RFA Defenceman Zach Bogosian is the last of the “Big Three” to sign …. 

With the signing of RFA Right Winger Blake Wheeler, on Friday night that leaves Defenceman Zach Bogosian as the last piece of the puzzle to be signed.  Bogosian’s arbitration hearing is set for for Aug. 2 but I don’t believe it will get to that point.  Based on the contracts that fellow Jet RFA’s Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler just signed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zach Bogosian sign an 8 year deal at approx 6 million per season. [Read more…]

Do Winnipeg Jets Fans Deserve Information?

Is It Wrong For Winnipeg Jet Fans To Crave Information?

MSM = Main Stream Media

In the world of high speed internet and many forms of social media, how much information does a NHL hockey team and in this case the hometown Winnipeg Jets owe their fan-base? 

[Read more…]

WHL And NHL’s Winnipeg Jets In The Same City?

WHL Hosting The MasterCard Memorial Cup

The annual Memorial Cup hockey tournament is now well under way this week in Saskatoon and the interest is very high.  This year because of all the high-end draft picks scattered throughout the participating teams.  It doesn’t hurt that every game is being broadcast by SportsNet either.  This has piqued the interest of local hockey fans and once again started the conversation about whether Winnipeg should pursue a WHL hockey team.  Before we even start to get into this story, I will pose the question right now. [Read more…]

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