Do Winnipeg Jets Fans Deserve Information?

Is It Wrong For Winnipeg Jet Fans To Crave Information?

MSM = Main Stream Media

In the world of high speed internet and many forms of social media, how much information does a NHL hockey team and in this case the hometown Winnipeg Jets owe their fan-base? 

Austen Brassard of the Belleville Bulls. .Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images

2011 draft pick Austen Brassard

Winnipeg fans are all watching the NHL playoffs because that’s what we do but our main focus is and always will be the HOME TEAM!  This weekend there was a deadline to sign draft picks from the 2011 NHL Entry Draft (yes, the Scheifele draft) and fans especially on twitter were just looking for some information.

Like I mentioned earlier, in this high speed information era, fans are always looking for info on there favorite teams.  There was an announcement from the Jets about them coming to an agreement with one of their unsigned 2011 drafts pick Austen Brassard. Thank-you!!!


There was nothing coming out of Jets camp about the non-signing of 2011 5th round pick Zach Yuen.  This lack of news is what had the twitter world all abuzz.  When there is no information, people tend to speculate, throw some theories out there and discuss amoung themselves.  There was a lot of different and interesting comments, debates and even a few heated exchanges.  This is what I absolutely love about this city and our fans.  We care.


I’m sure this is not news to TNSE that this is a hockey market and fans care about their team.

There were Jet fans on twitter asking if the MSM had any info or heard anything about announcements coming from the hockey team.  This went on for hours.  When you have a passionate fan base that crave information about their team, how hard is it to put out a quick press release and let the fans know what’s going on.  Do the decision makers at TNSE  consider that this is on a need to know basis or was GM Kevin Chevaldayoff unavailable for comment?  If that’s the case, then just say so!!

An Extremely Loyal Following 

The Winnipeg Jets have 13,000 season tickets sold and another 8,000 on a wait list.  That’s not counting the 100,000 plus  fans in Manitoba, Western Canada and around the globe that like to know what’s going on.   I know for a fact that on Sunday night, there were Jets fans that I was tweeting with on this subject from  5 provinces and 3 states.  These were just the tweeter locations I knew of.

Un-signed 2011 draft prospect Zach Yuen

Unsigned 2011 draft prospect Zach Yuen

Is this an inconvenience and maybe fans shouldn’t care so much about the day to day operation of the team?  I think TNSE should start to worry when the day comes that the fans stop caring about the daily happenings with the team.  BUT, the thing that really bugged me was the casual attitude in which some of the local media brushed this under the carpet as no big deal and the twitterverse better learn to chill out.  Asking questions and questioning management decisions is healthy. It’s not mutiny.  Unlike the MSM that state they are not fans, most of us web-site owners/bloggers or guys that write for hockey web-sites are fans and we are biased and we do cheer for the Jets.  As a matter of fact, I happen to know that a lot of these guys are season ticket holders, myself included so excuse me! Maybe that’s why more and more fans are gravitating to these web-sites and fan-forums and are starting to call the MSM the”Messengers” or accuse them of drinking the “Kool-Aid”

Yes, we get the fact that all teams can’t or don’t sign all their draft picks. We’re not idiots but our MSM stating the obvious is no help and the fact the other teams didn’t sign their picks is NOT an explanation.  To be brutally honest, I don’t really give a rats ass why Carolina didn’t sign 2 of their picks.

Every one of the fans, season ticket holders, bloggers, web-site owners in town had healthy debates on twitter about the team, the GM etc.  Some fans are steadfast that the GM knows what he is doing and we should all relax.  Others raise legitimate questions about the course the team is on.  It really doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on.  The only thing that matters is answers or explanations.  Is that really asking too much?  

Do Winnipeg Jet Fans Deserve Answers? 

Let’s look at a couple of facts.  Jet fans pay one of the highest if not the highest ticket prices in the league. Season ticket holders in the P6 and P7 sections were asked for a 3 year commitment. Ticket holders in the P5, P4, P3, P2, P1 were asked for a 5 year commitment and Luxury Suite owners are being asked for a 10 year commitment. I believe there was also a $250-$1000 deposit required per seat based on the P1-P7 level.

You tell me if these people deserve answers? 



  1. Paul Poirier says

    As a Winnipeg Jets fan and season ticket holder I believe (the fans) want to know what is going on with our team. I understand that issues in personal and business need to be kept in house but it is also nice to hear explanations from our management. I think that all of Jets Nation is waiting to see what the true direction of the Jets will be and what type of management we truly have. As well, we wait to see whether our franchise will be able to keep as well as attract top level talent.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      We are a hockey mad market and I’m OK with the way the fans want info … nothing wrong with caring !!!

  2. Great stuff here Mitch, and I couldn’t agree more.

    I honestly didn’t expect much to leak from TNSE, and that’s fine though I would have liked at least a press release. But for the MSM to literally blow off the situation and have not one person even raise a peep as at least a “Devil’s Advocate” is extremely alarming. What’s the point of talk-radio if you don’t talk about it? Why was there no column in either paper trashing the move in an effort to at least attract web-hits? Why is this not at least a talking point?

    It just strikes me as odd that the media, who has such a strong platform to sway opinion, won’t show both sides of the story. Oh well, I guess that’s what the blogs are for!
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  3. Mitch Kasprick says

    I still believe twitter is a powerful vessel. All MSM are on twitter and it must have some influence?

  4. David Swim says

    I’m a fan with a invested interest in the Jets and don’t need to know answers to all hockey related decision but the decision by Yuen and the Jets not to come to a agreement is a mystery I would like a answer to.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I don’t think this non-signing is insignificant either. I’m sure somebody will eventually ask the question.

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