Winnipeg Jets or Arizona Coyotes?

Winnipeg Jets 1.0 (Arizona Coyotes) vs Winnipeg Jets 2.0 (Atlanta Thrashers) – 

People that know me, whether it’s family, friends, hockey fans that read our web-site, or my Twitter friends/followers know that I support two NHL teams.  My wife and I live in Arizona for 182 days and we live in Winnipeg for 183 days, we have season tickets for the Coyotes and we have season tickets for the Jets (although I have yet to see a Winnipeg Jets 2.0 game at the MTS Center).  I constantly get asked or jokingly harassed about my cheering for the Phoenix, now the Arizona Coyotes. [Read more…]

Lee Stempniak? Winnipeg Jets?

Should the Winnipeg Jets be Looking at UFA Lee Stempniak? —

We are only 4 or 5 days removed from “Free Agent Frenzy” which started on Tuesday, July 1st and the pickings are getting real slim.   [Read more…]

The Jets, The Coyotes, Family And Friends

Winnipeg Jets at Phoenix Coyotes Was a Special Game —

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 was a very special day for me.  It’s well into the stretch run of season three for Winnipeg Jets 2.0 and even though I was lucky enough and thrilled to be able to get a half season ticket for the Jets, I have never seen them play live. [Read more…]

Is The Wild Card Race Over?

The Western Conference Wild Card Race —

by Carlo Todaro

As the 2013-14 playoff drive turns for home and heads down the stretch in the Western Conference Wild Card race, one team, the Minnesota Wild, have started to distance themselves from the pack. [Read more…]

To Whiteout Or Not?

To Whiteout Or Not To Whiteout, That Is The Question? —

It’s 4 am Arizona time and I’m lying wide awake in bed because of a conversation and questions on Twitter a couple of nights ago. There were some quiet whispers Sunday night after some positive scoreboard watching that the Winnipeg Jets could actually make the playoffs.  The odds are increasing.   [Read more…]

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