Winnipeg Jets or Arizona Coyotes?

Winnipeg Jets 1.0 (Arizona Coyotes) vs Winnipeg Jets 2.0 (Atlanta Thrashers) – 

People that know me, whether it’s family, friends, hockey fans that read our web-site, or my Twitter friends/followers know that I support two NHL teams.  My wife and I live in Arizona for 182 days and we live in Winnipeg for 183 days, we have season tickets for the Coyotes and we have season tickets for the Jets (although I have yet to see a Winnipeg Jets 2.0 game at the MTS Center).  I constantly get asked or jokingly harassed about my cheering for the Phoenix, now the Arizona Coyotes. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Fans And Media Are Different Now

Times Have Changed And So Have The Fans And Media Of The Winnipeg Jets

Spoiler Alert !!!

The contents of this article is done with a little tongue in cheek, a hint of sarcasm, a level of frustration, a ton of respect for anybody that dares to put their honest opinion on display for the world to see.   [Read more…]

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