What do you think of Winnipeg now, Ilya Bryzgalov?


What’s in the Kool-Aid that the Winnipeg GM has been selling lately?

I just want to know one thing this morning: What’s in the Kool-Aid that Kevin Cheveldayoff’s been selling lately? [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets 1.0 Legacy?

Winnipeg Jets Numbers Retired In Phoenix?


A Winnipeg Jets Fan In Alberta

I’ve been a Golf Professional at Taber Golf Club for 11 years out here in Southern Alberta.  When you’re in a place for a long period of time, you get to know the locals on a more personal level, especially in the service industry.  For example, we have a member at the club that owns a home in the southern part of Phoenix and spends his winters there.

[Read more…]

Do The Phoenix Coyotes Own Winnipeg’s History?

Winnipeg Jets Numbers Hanging In The Phoenix Coyotes Home Arena?

Does Winnipeg’s History Belong To Winnipeg or Phoenix?  Does the city’s history trump the franchise’s history?

Why can’t Phoenix Coyotes players wear no’s 9, 10 and 25?  I am going to start this story by stating that I am not a fan of retiring sweater numbers in any sport. I do acknowledge the need to honor our sports heroes and I like what many franchises do and that is inducting the player into their “Ring of Honor” or whatever they choose to call it.  This usually happens with a ceremony and the name and number appearing in the team’s arena or stadium. [Read more…]

The Shane Doan E-mail !!!


NHL Fans Are Angry At Shane Doan And The NHL And The NHLPA

The Shane Doan E-mail

After finding this e-mail in my ‘inbox’ for the 6th time this week I was surprised at how widespread it had become.  I’ve  received  it from  friends and relatives, some hockey fans, some not and from all over the country. [Read more…]

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