The Shane Doan E-mail !!!


NHL Fans Are Angry At Shane Doan And The NHL And The NHLPA

The Shane Doan E-mail

After finding this e-mail in my ‘inbox’ for the 6th time this week I was surprised at how widespread it had become.  I’ve  received  it from  friends and relatives, some hockey fans, some not and from all over the country.  I guess because I’m in Arizona and a Coyote  fan, people figured I’d be interested in it.  If you haven’t seen it yet it is posted below.

90px-Shane_Doan_WC2008aThis is one of the best emails I’ve seen…..somebody finally put it in an email….now let’s forward it to the hockey players!!! There are men and woman out there saving lives working 12 hour shifts and defending our country, never mind what fireman and cops do. Maybe we should all boycott hockey when they do come back.   Read it and weep…………….
So the other day the NHL made the players a pretty reasonable offer, today on Sports Center I see Shane Doan whining and I’ll quote this as best as possible…

 SHANE DOAN if someone is gonna rob you they say give me your money or I will hurt you, not give me your money and I’m gonna hurt you! That’s how we feel.”

Well Shane Doan let’s do some math. You’ve been in the NHL for 16 years. You’ve made $41,294,000 in those 16 years.

Which averages out to $2,580,875 per year and $31,474.09 per game.
Last year you averaged 21:02 min of ice time per game so basically you get paid $31,474.09 for 21 minutes of hard work.
Oh but on a plus side to play hockey, and not for long but from September until June if you make it that far and then you get the whole summer off to play golf and relax.

WOW what a tough life!
So really? Shane Doan, really?? are you gonna be that hurt if you lose $50,000, $500,000 or even a Million $ this year? or next year??

Give your head a shake and next time you wake up in the morning in your MANSION and look in the mirror I hope you realize how ridiculous you sounded when saying that to the Media.

Lastly I’ll leave you with this since you are Canadian.

The 3 jobs I’m about to list are technically all jobs that are considered on duty 24/7/365 but they all get some time off here and there so I broke their average salaries up based off working 200 days a year.
Avg pay per day of work – Canadian Cop – $412.27 Avg. pay per day of work – Canadian Soldier – $343.25 Avg pay per day of work – Canadian Doctor – $1,216.67

Now that being said why should YOU get paid $31,474.09 to play 21:02 minutes of a hockey game? Shut-up and play already!
Send this around to others please!

Now before I carry on I will publicly state that I am for the most part on the side of the NHL owners in this labor dispute, lets say 80/20.  I feel that the viability of my favorite teams hinge on a better deal for the whole league, not just the powerful markets.

I do have a few issues with this e-mail though.  When that sound bite was first aired it was in late October and at that point the NHL had not made the NHLPA an offer that I thought the PA would even consider serious.  Both sides were still posturing  and using the media to test the waters.  Now Shane Doan doesn’t need me to fight his battles, but anyone that is not a hockey fan and doesn’t  know anything about Shane Doan would think he’s  just another whiny, entitled, self absorbed athlete.  This would be the furthest thing from the truth and with all the absurd  comments coming from some of the NHLPA members  since the lockout started it’s  too bad a true professional like Shane Doan gets used as the vehicle for this message.

The truth of the matter is that the content and the spirit of that e-mail is bang on, unfortunately whenever  there  is a labor  dispute  in any sport the same old rhetoric appears.  Yes, athletes, actors and all entertainers are grossly overpaid when compared  to us mere mortals in the real world, but I can guarantee you most of us are not going to slap down $140.00 for 2 seats to watch a surgeon or a cop or a fireman do their job.  That’s the world we live in boys and girls.

Your thoughts ???


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  1. I agree with you, Shane is a standup guy but it is something that shouldn’t have been said. He had to have known the criticism he was in for after making a really stupid comment. I know he was trying to illustrate his point in humour, but a guy making millions isn’t going to earn any respect from the public with comments such as that.

  2. Mitch,what your take on all the spin we got today.Bettman sounded a lot more professional and to the fact,He delivered the message like it was credible.


    • The NHLPA should be ashamed of that stunt they let Don Fehr pull last night. That made a mockery of the whole process. How are you expected to sit across the table and negotiate with a person like that. The players better wake up and realize their leader has his own agenda .

    • I have never been as aligned with the owners as I am after last night’s press conf. When the new group of owners invited to the “forum” say “they wouldn’t have believed it if they hadn’t experienced it” (I’m paraphrasing), its telling. These guys have seen and heard alot around a boardroom table in their careers. I agree, Bettman sounded more sincere than he ever has, but that Fehr’s fifteen minutes of hockey infamy may be up soon. Right now, Lindsay Lohan is making better decisions that the Don. Great site Mitch…aligns with my sensibilities.


    • The players are going to realize that was a huge mistake. The deal is only going to get worse for the players now. We know the Owner’s were frustrated with the process as everyone was, but now we know that they are now angry. I don’t know about you, but an angry boss (initially that is what they are) usually does not bode well for his subsidiaries. I also believe we have found the answers to the question about the Owner’s “Solidarity”. When Big, Small and Mid Market Teams are all leaving visibly upset, I think they will work together at getting EXACTLY what THEY want. Wear your neck guards boys, they are going for the throat now.

    • There are 10-12 teams better off not playing, so they are motivated to get the deal they want.

      PS … Thanks Al

  3. I just dont understand how owners are expected to burden the entire risk but are villianized for expecting a return on that risk.I know that the talent is a large factor and deserve large consideration in the scenario but what in fact the owners are attempting to do is to establish a financially sound base for all teams.To avoid the effect and negative perception that come from situations like Phoenix and Atlanta.


    • Here’s a thought … maybe Gary Bettman should offer the NHLPA and the Fehr brothers the Phoenix Coyotes franchise as part of their “make whole” payment … maybe then the PA might get in touch with reality.

  4. The Players are really getting some serious hate on Twitter, maybe its not in their best interest to post anything at this point.

  5. This whole process reminds me of a disfunctional family. The Mother being the League; the entity that brings a family into existence by providing franchises. The Father being the Players; the strength in a family illustrated by being the product. And finally the Newborn Baby being the fan; treasured by Mother and Father but isn’t taken into serious consideration over outcomes or consequences of Mother and Father disputes. Basically in this negociation, Mother and Father fight. Father runs off to a local bar and drinks off his frustration, Mother runs off crying and locking herself in her room. Baby is left alone on the living room floor; hungry, unattended in a filthy diaper out of thought and mind.

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