What Motivates NHL Players?

What Keeps NHL Players In Compete Mode?

Twitter often sparks some interesting conversations and debates and this week was no different. [Read more…]

Top Five Defencemen in the Western Conference

Winnipeg Hockey Talk Fan Poll —

Who Are The Top Five Defencemen In The Western Conference?

I was watching a hockey game the other night and one of the announcers mentioned that a certain defenceman (to be named later) could be a  Norris Trophy candidate this season. [Read more…]

Coyotes Franchise Better Than Winnipeg Jets?

Phoenix Coyotes a better NHL franchise than Winnipeg Jets?

Can it really be? The Phoenix Coyotes a better overall franchise than the Winnipeg Jets?

Say it ain’t so. [Read more…]

Scott’s Thoughts On “The Twitter Bet”


Why does Coyote fan Mitch have this “thing”?  Haha

Yesterday,  Mitch laid out the groundwork on a twitter “disscussion”  (“diss” being important)  that has mushroomed into a bet.  I won’t go over what Mitch has said regarding our allegiances in too much detail,  read here  ☛  Mitch’s post  ☚  but a couple of things… [Read more…]

The Scott And Mitch Twitter Bet

Twitter Bet Phoenix Coyotes Or Winnipeg Jets?

Sometimes, killing time on twitter can lead to some interesting if not humorous conversations.  On a boring Monday night in August, ex-WHA Winnipeg Jets defenceman  and original NHL 1.0 Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell and I were goofing off on twitter with the regulars just like any other night and we got into some friendly Jets/Coyotes 2013-14 playoff banter. [Read more…]

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