Scott’s Thoughts On “The Twitter Bet”


Why does Coyote fan Mitch have this “thing”?  Haha

Yesterday,  Mitch laid out the groundwork on a twitter “disscussion”  (“diss” being important)  that has mushroomed into a bet.  I won’t go over what Mitch has said regarding our allegiances in too much detail,  read here  ☛  Mitch’s post  ☚  but a couple of things…


Scott and the Jets vs Mitch and the Yotes

Mitch mentioned I followed the Jets to Phoenix. Back in that day there wasn’t a lot of detailed coverage of the situation, and while I hated to see Winnipeg lose its team,  it likely wasn’t with the same level of anger I’m sure Winnipeg fans felt at that time.  As well,  I am always at peace with the universe.  Hahaha okay,  that doesn’t fly far!

At that time I was able to help family and friends in Phoenix get a good handle on their new team, before they even hit the ice. So there’s been a connection held there.

“Scott,  you’ve got your Jets back!!”

However, upon the arrival of Jets 2.0 I should probably just quote my family and friends who know me well.  “Scott,  you’ve got your Jets back!!”

It didn’t really hit home until seeing video of Jets fans and their passionate embracing of their beloved team. You can’t direct your emotions and heart to “like” somebody,  some thing or some team.  It just happens,  and it did here for me,  even more so when I found myself among a large group of them on Twitter this past year.  It’s contagious fanaticism!   😆

Well, not ALL are fanatics *cough* but a fun crew.  The combination keeps everybody honest.  And quite frankly,  I can’t help but critique the Jets when they play,  coach,  manage.  It’s all part of my fun as a fan.

YOU have more than ONE “favourite” NHL team, do YOU?

So I’m definitely not a Yotes hater,   but I am someone who has only ONE team that I’m a “fan” of.   Not two,  three or four favorite teams.  It’s the same for me in other sports.  It must bring comfort to people who have multiple “favourite” teams,  knowing that if one loses,  they can still have a winning night,  depending on their other teams.  Hahaha  Good for you.  *tongue firmly planted in cheek*  🙄

Jets won’t make playoffs Mitch?

Anyways, on Twitter Mitch said he was going to send me video of the Coyotes playoffs games NEXT SPRING,  and I took that to mean I wouldn’t have any Jets playoffs to watch next spring.

So I asked him directly if he had the Jets MISSING the playoffs,  and he replied.

“not necessarily, but i have the yotes in”

NOT NECESSARILY…”  Wow, there’s a solid prediction for you.

You’re really sticking your neck out there,  Mr. K.!  

I received all of that AFTER Mr. K. referred to my alumni London Knights as “Pawns”. My reaction was to naturally challenge him to a fight 😉 ,  but a bet seemed like a better idea,  which puts us here now.

Of course, if this was a school yard, we’d have already brawled and got it out of our system. But as mature *cough* males, we’ve chosen this route to settle this.

Mitch hates being wrong so much he’ll probably hire a 24 hour bodyguard for Mike Smith,  on whose shoulders he believes will bring him my apology on his Coyotes website,  as well as his Jets one.  Oh yeah,  Yotes have a coach he likes too.  But then things get thin.

Systems,  intangibles,  magic mirrors,  50 year old captain;  one who I had told my peeps to “enjoy the ride” with in Phoenix when the Jets moved to the desert,  way back in the day…  🙂

As for me, I’m only conceding the top two spots in the Central Division.  (St. Louis #1)  After that,  all is up in the air.  We’ll deal with the “why Jets make it” another day.  There are just SO many reasons.  However,  I also have a few things that scare the crap out of me.  lol

So a twitter jab is going to turn into an open letter of apology.  One of us old guys is going to have at least one bad day in 2014.  😥

And for those of you wondering who I’ll be hiring a bodyguard for on our Jets,  I only know I’m not using him on our goalie. 

I’ll be happy to consider any suggestions. According to Mitch I am the following.

“He is a bitter old man living somewhere close to Leaf land and can’t stand it that I’m warm and he’s cold !!!!!”

Looks like I need some help from my northern brethren.   😉



  1. I love that you’ve remained a fan of the Jets of Winnipeg, whichever one that may be. I have to be on your side in this bet being a Jets fan, but Mitch is nicer to me, so I am a bit conflicted.

    Have fun with this, guys!

  2. Scott Campbell says

    Thanks Carol, gotta thank my heart and emotions for the fan stuff. 🙂 I’m happy Mitch is nicer to you than I am as you know from the blog I am a “a bitter old man.”

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      bitter but lovable …… the bitterness didn’t really kick in until Don and I conferred on snagging Domi with the 12th pick and bringing him to the desert. He was going to take Alexander Wennberg. Sorry !!!

  3. Scott Campbell says

    Well, I’m stuck now anyway. I’m hoping Max does well no matter where he plays. Yea, I know you are on Maloney’s speed dial. 🙂

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