The Scott And Mitch Twitter Bet

Twitter Bet Phoenix Coyotes Or Winnipeg Jets?

Sometimes, killing time on twitter can lead to some interesting if not humorous conversations.  On a boring Monday night in August, ex-WHA Winnipeg Jets defenceman  and original NHL 1.0 Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell and I were goofing off on twitter with the regulars just like any other night and we got into some friendly Jets/Coyotes 2013-14 playoff banter.

For those of you that don’t follow Scott or myself on twitter and/or read our work at Winnipeg Hockey Talk or Arizona Hockey Talk  I will provide a little background information about the two of us.  Scott’s full bio here ☛ Scott Bio ☚  anyway …. Scott is a former Winnipeg Jet now retired and living in Ontario.  He followed the Jets after he retired through their NHL years in Winnipeg and later Phoenix.  This isn’t that hard to understand since the Jets were a big part of his professional hockey life and he will forever have an important connection to the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise being one of their originals.  Because of Scott’s connection to Winnipeg he became a fan of the “new” Winnipeg Jets.  Now Scott has 2 teams.  

I am a couple years older than Scott and I remember everything about his days but my Winnipeg Jets days started long before that with the WHA Jets in 1972.  The Jets have been my team from day 1 and continued even when they moved to Phoenix.  That’s 41 years.  When the Thrashers were purchased and moved to Winnipeg, I found myself with two hockey teams to cheer for.  This was fine by me.  I was absolutely floored when the realization sunk in that we were getting an NHL team back in Winnipeg.  The best part is that my wife and I live in Winnipeg for 6 months and San Tan Valley, Arizona for the other half of the year and I have access to both my teams.  Life is good!!!


This should be fun

It was during the time of getting my first site up and running that I met Scott through twitter and my Winnipeg web-site.  After months of chatting on twitter, I asked Scott if he’d like to write or contribute some articles to the Winnipeg website.  He said he’d consider it down the road if time permitted.  In June, Scott decided he’d like to give it a shot and we created a category called “Scott’s Thoughts” and it has been a big hit at Winnipeg Hockey Talk.

Both of us now have two hockey teams we are connected to but one of us has not been giving both of our teams equal attention.  I won’t mention any names but it’s NOT ME!!!

Back to Monday night.  Scott was giving me some twitter shots about the Coyotes ownership being approved by the NHL BOG.           


So now he’s got my goat and I respond by calling his alma mater, the London Knights the “Pawns”.  BTW the London Knights are also the alma mater of recent Coyotes 1st round draft pick Max Domi.  This is also a sore spot with him because at the draft the Coyotes and Jets drafted 12th and 13th and I said that one of my teams was getting Domi.  I was pretty jacked up when Phoenix picked Max.  Too bad Campbell  😆



Now it’s on !!! 


The Scott And Mitch Bet Starts




Scott asks me if I think the Jets will miss the playoffs and I respond on twitter that I don’t necessarily think that.  For the purpose of our bet though it is me saying Coyotes are in and the Jets miss and Scott saying Jets in and Coyotes miss the playoffs.  I just wanted to clear that up so there is no confusion.  I can’t cheer against the Jets but if they miss the playoffs this will be my small consolation prize.   


So, it’s done.  The twitter bet loser has to write a sincere apology article to the other and his teams fans in both Arizona Hockey Talk and Winnipeg Hockey Talk.  I hope Campbell is sharpening up his writing skills. 

Now, just for the record.  For anybody that doesn’t know the two of us,  Scott is not a Coyotes hater and I’m not a Jets hater.  Scott likes to give me the business on twitter about the Yotes because I lead a double live and get to spend my winters in Arizona cheering for a team I’ve watched since their interception in 1972 when they were one of the original teams in the WHA.  He is a bitter old man living somewhere close to Leaf land and can’t stand it that I’m warm and he’s cold !!!!!

He can explain his side of the story in the rebuttal article we agreed upon.



  1. Carol Vermeer says

    Understood that highest placed team wins the bet, and you both know I love the Jets and perhaps don’t know I have nothing against the Yotes. That being said, if neither of them make post-season, and the Habs do, after I get over being bitter about the Jets not making it, I am going to be mildly amused. Just because.
    Hate to pick sides between you two but GO JETS GO!

  2. Scott Campbell says

    enough with the Skotsky Campbellov bashing!

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