The Scott And Mitch Twitter Bet

Twitter Bet Phoenix Coyotes Or Winnipeg Jets?

Sometimes, killing time on twitter can lead to some interesting if not humorous conversations.  On a boring Monday night in August, ex-WHA Winnipeg Jets defenceman  and original NHL 1.0 Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell and I were goofing off on twitter with the regulars just like any other night and we got into some friendly Jets/Coyotes 2013-14 playoff banter. [Read more…]

Why Do Winnipeg Jets Fans Have This “Thing”?


Why Do Winnipeg Jets Fans Have This “Thing”? …. 

I joined Twitter at the end of January, 2013, having no idea where I was heading.  It’s understandable I found myself among a bunch of Winnipeg Jets fans though, once I understood Twitter. [Read more…]

Two Kids From The Bronx Made It To The NHL


That's my house on the right and Neil Komadoski's house on the far left.

That’s my house on the right and Neil Komadoski’s house on the far left in the Bronx.

I grew up in The Bronx. Ya, that’s right, The Bronx.

It wasn’t such a tough neighborhood. Most of the kids I hung with were rink rats. Neil Komadoski, for example. He lived two doors down from my shack on Helmsdale Avenue, right where that street partners with long-and-winding Kildonan Drive in East Kildonan. [Read more…]

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