Winnipeg Jets To Trade Or Not To Trade? That Is The Question

Questions About the Winnipeg Jets, Philadelphia Flyers and the Florida Panthers — 

For many NHL General Manager’s the better part of the last two months has been spent working with staff evaluating their current rosters, identifying gaps in their organizational depth and ultimately determining what players would be best served by a new area code. 

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Winnipeg Jets: To Trade Or Not To Trade?

That Is The Question —

The “2014 Trade Deadline” will undoubtedly test the metal of the Winnipeg Jets development plan.  With the news this morning that the teams number 1B Centre, Mark Scheifele, [Read more…]

Third Quarter Report Card: Defence & Goal

Winnipeg Jets Report Card : Defence and Goal — 

The Winnipeg Jets record at the time of this evaluation was 29 – 26 – 6.  This report was done after the shootout win over Phoenix on Thursday, Feb. 27. [Read more…]

What Is Consistency?

What Is Consistency And Why Is It So Hard To Achieve ? —

by Carlo Todaro

We’ve all heard teams described as inconsistent by announcers, commentators and various talking heads.  The desire of every coach and GM is to be consistent yet they are confounded when their teams fail to achieve this yearned for state. [Read more…]

Two Kids From The Bronx Made It To The NHL


That's my house on the right and Neil Komadoski's house on the far left.

That’s my house on the right and Neil Komadoski’s house on the far left in the Bronx.

I grew up in The Bronx. Ya, that’s right, The Bronx.

It wasn’t such a tough neighborhood. Most of the kids I hung with were rink rats. Neil Komadoski, for example. He lived two doors down from my shack on Helmsdale Avenue, right where that street partners with long-and-winding Kildonan Drive in East Kildonan. [Read more…]

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