Winnipeg Jets Goalies, Byfuglien And Noel

An Old Jets’ Thoughts on The Winnipeg Jets Goalies, Buff and Noel — 

Holy hellacious!  The world is ending in Winnipeg as far the Jets go anyways.  Or so it sounds.

So, let’s get at this.  I thought I’d take a more “how would I feel if I was playing” approach to this. [Read more…]

Is There An “Upside” To The Winnipeg Jets?

Winnipeg Jets And Their Potential Growth Or Has The Core Hit Their Ceiling — 

The much maligned Winnipeg Jets continue to go through stretches of good play followed up by stretches of defensive mistakes and lack of offense resulting in more losses.  There has been much ado about players such as Ondrej Pavelec and whether he’s the goalie of the future.   [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets: Time For Media Lap Dogs To Bite

By patti dawn swansson — 

Well, here’s a real shocker:  The Winnipeg Jets soiled the sheets—again—and Claude Noel doesn’t know why.

Claude Noel never knows why.  After most losses, the Winnipeg Jets head coach tells us he doesn’t know why his team plays the way it plays.  He tells us it’s been that way for 2 1/2 seasons now…but he doesn’t know why. [Read more…]

Are The Winnipeg Jets Sitting Back With Leads?

Is It Sitting Back Or Is It A Push Back? 

Are the Winnipeg Jets sitting back with the lead in the third?  If so, do they really have a choice?

I always find it amusing when fans and media panic about the third period push back by teams trailing going into the third period. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets: Would I Change Coaches? Yes

The urge is to suggest Claude Noel has an upper body injury.  Between his ears.

I’m not going to go there though.  I don’t think Noel is a “D’oh!” boy.  I think he’s an intelligent fellow.  But when the head coach of the Winnipeg Jets admits he doesn’t have a clue, well…it offers scant hope for, and little confidence in, a last-place club that began the season with two victories and has just three wins in its last 23 hockey games. [Read more…]

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