Winnipeg Jets: Coach Claude is almost done

I sense we are about to witness an eruption — 

I say that because Claude Noel isn’t having a whole lot of fun.  He’s got that pained, “Oh, no, not-another-root-canal” look. [Read more…]

Is There A White Elephant In The Winnipeg Jets Dressing Room?

Winnipeg Jets Pre-season Record Is 1-3-2 !!! —

Over the last few years we have heard how the Winnipeg Jets really haven’t had a normal training camp and that this year would be different. [Read more…]

Kevin Cheveldayoff Extension Brings Doom & Gloom

The Kevin Cheveldayoff Extension — 

Nothing’s ever good enough in Winnipeg.

There is a significant segment of the city’s population that could never, ever be accused of seeing life through rose-coloured glasses.  Every time something or somebody good happens to that city, there is a segment that is ready to pile on at the first opportunity. [Read more…]

What do you think of Winnipeg now, Ilya Bryzgalov?


What’s in the Kool-Aid that the Winnipeg GM has been selling lately?

I just want to know one thing this morning: What’s in the Kool-Aid that Kevin Cheveldayoff’s been selling lately? [Read more…]

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