“The Big Man” Part 2, Anthony Peluso

It looks like Anthony Peluso is on the bubble? – 

With the season just around the corner, it’s time for the “Big Man”, Anthony Peluso to prove his worth and try to grab a spot in the Winnipeg Jets line up. [Read more…]

“If” Is A Big Word For Winnipeg Jets Fans

IF.  It’s a very small word but it can mean so, so much –

Over the last five years all we have heard about the Winnipeg Jets is “the five-year plan”.  That saying turned in to ” draft and develop “.  Both are great strategies. [Read more…]

What about Lee Stempniak?

Winnipeg Jets fans are wondering why no Lee Stempniak? – 

Winnipeg Jets fans were wondering “what about Lee Stempniak” after reports came out he wanted to remain a Winnipeg Jet. [Read more…]

The Departure: Michael Frolik

Michael Frolik Signs with the Calgary Flames –

Fans react to Michael Frolik and his departure from the Winnipeg Jets.  Why did he go?  Why couldn’t Kevin Cheveldayoff sign him?  What happened?

[Read more…]

Do the Winnipeg Jets Have a Goalie Controversy?

Winnipeg Jets:  Pavelec or Hutchinson? –

Winnipeg Jets

Michael Hutchinson versus Ondrej Pavelec

Despite Ondrej Pavelec making improvements this season, his sliding numbers in the past month or so have left a sour taste in some fans mouths.  AND with the emergence of Michael Hutchinson, do the Winnipeg Jets Have a “Goalie Controversy” on their hands?

[Read more…]

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