It’s Groundhog Day Again For The Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets Have Seen This Movie Before

The Winnipeg Jets, thankfully, aren’t waking up again and again to Sonny and Cher’s classic (?) I Got You Babe but for the players who’ve been in the Peg since year one and the team’s passionate fan base, this is beginning to feel a lot like Groundhog Day. [Read more…]

Does Claude Noel Have A Secret To Jets Success?

Predictions Were Bright and Rosy For Claude Noel And The Winnipeg Jets — 

About a month ago I predicted that Claude Noel and the Winnipeg Jets would make the playoffs along with a few reasons for thinking that way.

[Read more…]

Final Pre-season Games Big For Claude Noel

Claude Noel And The Winnipeg Jets Have A Big Challenge Ahead —

So, I got a text late on Tuesday night from my cousin.  The first words out of his mouth, or, um, stamped by his fingers are “Give a guy a blog and he turns into Gary Lawless… ” [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Making Playoffs A Done Deal?


Winnipeg Jets Hockey Is Back!

Finally, hockey’s back so let’s get right to why I believe the Winnipeg Jets will make the playoffs this season.

After all, having our young prospects flying around in a rookie tournament is a sight for sore eyes.  I like lots of what I see there but that must be kept in perspective.  Not many of them will help the Winnipeg Jets this year however, a few of them should be developing in the AHL and hopefully pushing for NHL jobs in due time. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets: No Respect From Bookies


No Love From the Sports Books For The Winnipeg Jets 

I’m not feeling the love for the Winnipeg Jets.

Kevin Allen of USA Today doesn’t like them, nor do any of the bookies who take bets in the U.S. and across the pond in the U.K. [Read more…]

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